Stream your own VR videos to Littlstar in PS4

1. Download the desktop application

Windows MacOS

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2. Log in or create an account

This is NOT your Littlstar account, it's just for the Littlstream application.

3. Start streaming

Pick your video directory, generate the thumbnails and press the big green button to enable the stream.

Tip: Grab some high quality videos (NSFW).

4. Setup the link in Littlstar (only once)

Navigate to and login with your Littlstar account (not Littlstream). Paste the link provided by the Littlstream application and click on Add Feed.

The link will not change next time, so you don't need to do this step again.

5. Launch Littlstar in PS4

Open Littlstar in your PS4, navigate to the Library tab and open the Feeds section. You should see your feed there. Pick a video and enjoy!


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